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All of us enter new relationships assuming they will be healthy ones. Chances are, you wouldn’t put much conscious thought into the toxicity in one of your relationships until you see signs that point to an unhealthy situation.

That’s why a toxic person can literally sneak up on you, set up camp in your mind and turn your world upside down. Suddenly all the neon signs are surrounding you like a Saturday night in Times Square.

If you are starting to question the behavior of your partner, boss, coworker, so called “friend” or family member and how it makes you feel, learning the characteristics of healthy relationships vs. toxic relationships can bring you the clarity you need.

Why does this matter?

As a trusted professional that supports clients with fostering healthy relationships (and breaking free from those that aren’t) it’s important for me to support you in knowing that YOU’RE NOT CRAZY!

Here are some key red flags that you are in a toxic situation!

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